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» About The Breathe And Live


Kasia Sikora - Breathe And Live
Katarzyna Sikora, aka Kasia, was brought up in vibrant, buzzing with life Egypt and then later in quiet, sedate Poland. She loves both countries for their differences and also for the skills and wisdom they have given her.
She is now completely settled in the UK.
Her involvement with complementary therapies and breathwork started back in 1986 when she studied Rebirthing with Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and other Polish therapists.

Over the years she studied, followed and incorporated into therapethic work:
 • Process Oriented Psychology, 1992
 • Kriya Yoga, 1994
 • Osho meditation
 • Hypnotherapy, 2000
 • Pulsing
 • Polarities
 • Life Coaching, 2005
 • Mindfulness Shambhala Training, 1995
 • Shamanic work
 • Theta healing, 2006
 • Herbs
 • Lucid dreaming
 • 5Rhythms
 • Family Constellations, 2011

She has led many fire walking workshops, breathwork - meditation retreats and family constellations groups. It has become her lifestyle.

"There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into Light" Rumi

To book an introductory session please call Kasia on 07506 986 473

» Rebirthing


Rebirthing, conscious connected breathing and transformational breathwork are powerful but simple breathing techniques and are also great therapeutic and healing tools. Within our breath we hold the answers to many of our problems. Through correct breathing we can release the love and power within us.When we hold back our feelings, we naturally restrict our breath. When we hold our breath, we deny the vital nourishment of air to our cells and muscles and in effect deaden ourselves.
During a rebirthing session the person's breathing is gently re-trained so it becomes deeper and as rhythmic and even as possible. This allows repressed feelings to surface and be mobilised, freeing the heart from the the heaviness of grief and allowing the natural balance of taking in and letting go to be restored. Correct breathing releases the stresses accumulated during our entire lifetime, including at birth. Rebirthing is a valuable therapeutic technique which stimulates and releases deep, subconscious memories.
The way we breathe is the way we live our life, so that through conscious work with the patterns of our breathing we are able to unlock the patterns in our life which make us unhappy and then to let them go. Amazingly, rebirthing also allows us to release emotions and feelings passed on to us from previous generations.
On a physical level rebirthing has a healing ability. It is an excellent exercise and safe for children and for pregnant women. In fact it is suitable for anyone who wants to learn or discover more about their inner nature.
From a scientific point of view, we eliminate around 70% of our toxins via our breath. Oxygen cleanses the cells by oxidation and enables waste products to be carried back to the lungs via the bloodstream. Current research shows the immune disorders, such as cancer, bacteria, Candida and other forms of cellular sickness find it harder to survive, develop and multiply in highly oxygenated environments.
Breathing work increases oxygen levels in the body, especially in the areas that have hitherto been blocked. Deep, full breathing enables us to get in touch with profound, emotional wounds in a gentle way, eventually leading to inner peace, improved self-awareness and joy.

» Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family constellations pioneered by Bert Hellinger is a powerful approach to self discovery, realisation and healing. The aim of teh Family Constellations is to resolve the blocks and challenges in our lives by bringing their causes to conscious awareness in order to enable change, flow and transformation to occur. This process reveals the hidden dynamics that underlie a current problem or issue in order to create a healthy movement . These unseen forces can be personal but they can also be the effects of traumas encountered by our parents, grandparents or even our further down the line ancestors. Its all about bringing peace by acknowledging past events which are still relived in our lives in order to be recognised, honored and put into a place they belong. For some people it enhances the psychotherapy process for some it is a neoshamanic way of work for others channeling and healing on the soul level - field which knows everything, as Persian poet Rumi said "out beyond idea of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there" field of love and support and order.

» Theta Healing

Theta Healing

Theta Healing - a powerful tool for transforming the belief systems that create our realities. It is a fast, effective technique that is powerful and it helps to change the way we think and feel. It also looks at the causes of blockages to a person's natural functioning such as their belief systems, genetic defects, repressed emotions, fears and traumas. Theta healing allows the identifying of blocks and connects to the highest source in order to release the subconscious core beliefs and unblocking. It also helps to clarify, energize and focus on your goals and help change patterns that you feel are holding you back from achieving all that you are able to achieve.

» Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an approach that helps people change the way they feel and think about their life and their experiences. Buddha taught that awareness of the breath was the beginning and the end of the road to enlightenment. Mindfulness enhances relationships, love and bonding and heals traumas. It promotes a healthy life and allows us to stay present in the "now" of our lives. It doesn't change a persons life, but it changes and broadens our capacity to accept life as it is and once we are soft nothing can break us.
"There is a way of breathing that's a shame and suffocation and there is another of expiring a love breath, that's let you open infinitely" - Rumi.
So as Seneca said - "Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life".
Always fresh, always a beginner.

» Saying Yes to the Gift of Life

A workshop with Kasia Sikora, looking at how we say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in Life through Breathwork, Rebirthing and Family Constellations

All that we do in our lives is based on love; visible love or blind love.

During this week together we are going to trace the missing dots in our lives and look at why sometimes we struggle with more than we can cope with.

Why is it that some things persist even though we’re aware and working with it?

Why do we self-sabotage good things that are happening in my life?

Working with affirmations and utilising techniques that will help us to relax and encourage acceptance, we will reconnect with ways to open to joy, aliveness and flow using the breath and family constellations.

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To book an introductory "Breathe And Live" session
please call Kasia Sikora on 07506 986 473

»  Saying Yes to Life
with Kasia Sikora
7-14 August 2021, GREECE
Pelion Holistic Education Centre
Spiti ton Kentavron
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